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One down, 15 more to go
By Michael Wright, Managing Editor
Sep 11, 2012, 16:40

The National Football Leagueís 2012-13 season officially began earlier this week when the Dallas Cowboys made the trip to New Jersey to face the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants, who also happen to be a NFC East foe. By the time the final seconds ticked off the clock, the Giants did what no defending champion had accomplished in the past eight seasons, losing the next seasonís opening home game.
That loss by the Giants gave Cowboys fans something to be excited about, at least early in this young season.
Tony Romo looked better than he has in quite a while and the team didnít choke when they were faced with an offensive surge by the Giants. Instead, the Cowboys stiffened defensively and stepped up offensively. What a refreshing sight that was Wednesday night at Metlife Stadium.
I hope the opening night win by the Cowboys is the first of many to come in the 2012-13 season. Cowboys fans have been loyal, but it is time for that loyalty to be rewarded with, at the very least, a playoff team. A Super Bowl contending team would be wonderful.
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