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A storm to remember
By Michael Wright
Feb 27, 2013, 14:55

What a storm! It is not too often here in the Texas Panhandle that we have hurricane-force winds and snow measuring in feet, but thatís exactly what we faced on Monday and we continue to dig out from today.
This was one whopper of a storm. Snowfall totals of up to 19 inches and drifts of severeal feet were coupled with winds gusting 70-plus miles per hour. The result, a blizzard like we havenít seen in some time.
I experienced some of death grip on the steering wheel driving this Tuesday as I made my way into Moore County along State Highway 152. Upon arriving at the Dumas city limits, I saw the road was blocked eastbound with signs stating the road was closed.
Oh well, at least I made it here in one piece thanks, in part, to a very nice lady with a snow shovel and a handful of guys with more shovels and some muscle to lend.
Thatís the great thing about the Texas Panhandle region. When we see someone in need, we step up and do what we can to help. As I found myself stuck along a farm to market road Tuesday morning, no one just went on by. Folks stopped and asked if they could do something to help... if they could call someone for me or if they could give me a ride.
As one person slowed down behind me, she became stuck herself. Eventually, the good samaritans were able to get her unstuck and on her way and I followed about 30-45 minutes after that.
Thanks to the lady with the shovel and thanks to the other guys who stopped and provided that extra push I needed to get back on my way. And to the lady with the shovel, if you read this, I still have your shovel and would love to be able to return it to you.
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