Last Updated: Aug 9th, 2013 - 08:51:56

New app helps in crime fighting
By Steve Ramos, Reporter
Mar 20, 2013, 12:17

Crimes committed with the use of technology may be on the increase, but so are the means used to fight them. Submitting anonymous tips to the Dumas Police Department got easier with the creation of an app users can download to their androids and iPhones, but its uses don't stop there. Someone also can take a picture of suspicious activity or a video of a crime in progress and send it to the police through the app.
"Let's say someone is walking down a street at 3 a.m.," said Dumas PD Sgt. Nick Jordan. "That in itself isn't a crime, but if he's carrying a screwdriver and someone reports it, it helps us the next day when we discover there were some car break-ins that happened with the use of a screwdriver. That tip we received would really help us."
The app is called TipSoft, and can be downloaded by going to, the police department's website.
Find the full story in the March 21 print edition.