Last Updated: Aug 9th, 2013 - 08:51:56

Moore County Commissioners' Court
By Steve Ramos, Reporter
Apr 25, 2013, 08:18

In other business, the commisisoners:
Approved spending $40,000 to install COPsync software in all county offices. The sheriff's patrol vehicles are equipped with the COPsync system, which allows them to communicate and share information quickly. It also alerts the closest five units and dispatch, regardless of jurisdiction, if an officer is in distress. Installing the software in the county's offices will allow an employee to immediately notify authorities if they are in distress. The cost for the system is $10,000 a year. The county is required to pay $40,000 in advance for four years of service.
Received information concerning the Moore County Mitigation Action Team's meeting on April 30. The meeting will be held at 9 a.m. at the Moore County Community Building. The notice says, "When completed, it (Moore County Hazard Mitigation Plan) will serve as a guide for implementing mitigation strategies intended to help reduce the human, economic and environmental costs of natural disasters. The public is invited to attend, and you can call call Moore County Emergency Management Coordinator Tommy Brooks at 934-9520. Information also is available at

Approved the purchase of a $3,401 camera that will replace the one on the courthouse that isn't functioning. The camera is used for storm spotting and law enforcement needs.

Approved the purchase of processors and monitors for the Dumas, Sunray and Cactus libraries. The cost is $10,374.85.

Approved the purchase of PrintSpot Service Plan for two printers at Killgore Memorial Library. With the plan, patrons would be able to access the library's printers from their homes, using their laptops, iPads, notebooks and smart phones. They can also access the printer at the library using those devices. Library patrons would be given a code when they print, which they give to the library employee. The employee would then print the document, ensuring the print job belongs to the patron.

Approved upgrading the computers and softwares in the Moore County Attorney's office. The office's equipment currently uses Windows XP, which will soon be phased out. Moore County Attorney Scott Higginbotham told the commissioners the Legislature will soon require prosecutors to provide documents to defense attorneys in a digital format, and that would require him to update his office's computer system. The commissioners approved spending $15,000 for the upgrades.

Approved modifying the sheriff's department's van used to transport inmates. Security partitions in the van will allow the transport of male and female prisoners at the same time. The cost is $2,500.

Approved the payment of $8,385 to Bear Graphics to digitize plat maps and the payment of $12,609.82 to Bear Graphics to digitize 25,735 images from aperture cards.

* Approved the purchase of a distance measuring device for Road and Bridge in the amount of $595.