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Schedule released for May 22 Wheat Field Day
May 17, 2013, 15:02

Wheat Field Day, May 22, 2013
North Plains Research Field, Etter, TX


9:00 Registration -- coffee and doughnuts
9:25 Welcome by Thomas Marek

VIRTUAL TOURS Moderators: Marcel Fischbacher & Brad Easterling, County Extension Agents
• Area wheat freeze damage-Dr. Calvin Trostle, AgriLife Extension, Lubbock
• Drought tolerance research & irrigation level study-Dr. Qingwu Xue, AgriLife Extension, Amarillo
• Remote sensing research to detect wheat performance-Dr. Prasana Gowda, USDA-ARS, Bushland
• Wheat insect research, iWheat, and IPM-Jerry Michels, AgriLife Research, Amarillo
• Wheat disease research and management-Dr. Charlie Rush, AgriLife Research, Amarillo
• Wheat breeding trials: Damage assessment and recovery-Dr. Jackie Rudd, AgriLife Research, Amarillo
• Suggested Wheat varieties for the High Plains-Dr. Jackie Rudd.
• Seed availability--Steve Brown, Texas A&M
• Statewide Small Grain Extension Program-Dr. Clark Neely and Dr. Travis Miller, AgriLife Extension College Station

11:45 Lunch -lunch program furnished by Texas Wheat Producers Board
• Introductions & Recognitions-Dr. John Sweeten, AgriLife Research, Amarillo
• Invocation-Brandon Dukes, AgriLife Extension, Amarillo
• Update of NPRF Station activities-Thomas Marek, AgriLife Extension, Amarillo
• Texas Wheat Producer Board update-Kody Bessent, Amarillo
• NPGCD Update--Steve Walthour, Dumas
• Panhandle Regional Water Planning: Ag water demands-Dr. Steve Amosson, AgriLife Extension, Amarillo

1:00 Adjourn Field Day

• Plant disease diagnostic-Dr. Ron French, AgriLife Extension, and Jacob Price, AgriLife Extension Research, Amarillo
• Plant pests-Dr. Ed Bynum, AgriLife Extension, and Dr. Ron French
• AgriLife Extension publications--Brandon Dukes, AgriLife Extension
• Seed company brochures or exhibits
• 3 Texas Department of Agriculture IPM CEU’s will be awarded