Last Updated: Dec 13th, 2013 - 13:43:33

Support our local merchants by shopping local
By Michael Wright, Editor
Dec 13, 2013, 13:41

Keep your shopping dollars in Moore County this holiday season and get to know our local business neighbors. That is the theme of this year's Moore County News-Press shop local campaign, and there are many great reasons for doing so.

Shopping local helps to make our community stronger. It promotes local entrepreneurship and prosperity.

"Keeping your shopping dollars at home also helps sustain local jobs and can lead to the creation of even more jobs," said News-Press Publisher Wanda Brooks. "More jobs mean more wages and more wages mean more local spending. It's a win-win situation for the local economy."

For the shopper, buying from local businesses prevents what economists call "leakage", or money leaving the community that could have been spent locally.

Shopping local also provides a more personal connection. When you shop with local merchants you are getting to know the local business owners and they are getting to know you. They listen to what your wants and needs are, and they strive to build relationships with their customers. In addition, you will often find a much more pleasant shopping experience, including better customer service.

Along with keeping existing businesses prospering and keeping our friends and neighbors employed, shopping local also helps to spur future growth. A community that supports its businesses is more likely to attract new businesses, thus adding to the shopping diversity.

In an effort to promote shopping local this holiday season, the News-Press recently launched the second installment of "The Phrase That Pays". Local shoppers who visit the participating business neighbors have a chance to win $100 each week by simply figuring out each week's prize-winning phrase.

"Why not join in the excitement? Shop with our local merchants this holiday season and play 'The Phrase That Pays' for your chance to win $100 each week," said Brooks. "And, if you are the lucky winner, why not reinvest that $100 in our local economy and help it continue to thrive? Shoppers win, merchants win, and the entire community wins when we shop local."

Joining the News-Press in this year's campaign are these local participants: Albert's Manor House Restaurant, Bartlett's Lumber, Boost Mobile, Broxson's, Casa Dental, Communication Connection (Verizon), Dumas/Moore County Chamber of Commerce, Dumas Economic Development Corporation, Family Farm Store, Heaven Sent, Merle Norman Cosmetics/Shea Chic Botique & Salon, Moore County Family Health Clinic, Moore County General Surgery, Palser's 4 Seasons Mower Shop, The Chocolate Pantry and Westco Rental.

Find full contest rules and an entry form inside the Dec. 12 and Dec. 15 print editions. The contest continues for two more weeks!