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An (in)box full of spam
By Michael Wright, Editor
Feb 11, 2014, 16:21

How many junk e-mail messages do you get in an average day? If you are like the average e-mail account holder, that number is likely upwards of a dozen per day, according to one research firm.
Think about this... there are billions of e-mail accounts, both personal and business-related, that receive at least 12 or so pieces of spam in their inboxes each day.
Thatís 30 billion to 40 billion junk messages each day. And, thatís considering the estimate of 12 or so spam messages each day is accurate.
I donít know about you, but my inbox is turning into a big pile of spam. Out of the 300-500 messages that find their way into my inbox each day, I would say half or more of them are spam. I get so much spam I could stock a food pantry for a year (if it were the canned variety).
Just this week I was evicted at least 72 times, I have dozens of outstanding traffic citations and warrants for my arrest in various states Iíve never been to. And, Iím probably in a lot of trouble because I know Iíve missed over a dozen court dates in the past month.
Iíve won money, got the love of my life waiting for me in Russia and, if it were necessary, a direct line to a drug supplier that can hook me up with whatever medication I might need for a memorable honeymoon.
Then, if I have money left, I can buy cheap movies and computer software or even get a cheap imitation of a Rolex watch for just $99.
Oh well, at least I have something to chuckle at every day. We canít take the spam too seriously or it will drive us crazy.