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City, soccer league leader agree on improvement project
By Meredith Laurent
Apr 9, 2014, 15:54

City commissioner approved a request to work with a local soccer league organizer to make improvements to Utley Park.
Roland Cardenas, who is head of the soccer league, asked the city commissioners to help fix up the soccer fields at Utley Park. He stated that he wants to help start up a kids league and an adult league here in Dumas because they are having to drive out of town to go play soccer games. Games are held every other Sunday. Cardenas said that more out of town soccer players would be willing to travel to Dumas if the soccer fields were more up to date. At the moment there are four adult soccer teams and over 300 kids who have joined the soccer league. The city commissioners made an agreement that they would help fix up the fields if Cardenas would maybe take on the ownership of the fields, meaning he and whoever he volunteered would maintain the fields, keep trash picked up, organize the league games and make sure everything stays up to code.

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