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What is news to us?
By Michael Wright, Editor
Feb 20, 2017, 10:52

Twice a week, every week, rain or shine, sick or well, the staff of the Moore County News-Press strives to and succeeds in bringing our loyal readers a quality newspaper. It doesn’t matter which issue you pick up out of our 104 issues published annually, you will find we are dedicated to telling the stories that matter to Moore County people.
So, what is the news to us?
The concept of what is “newsworthy” varies by region and by the size of the city the newspaper represents. The Moore County News-Press, like many other small, hometown newspapers, views news much differently than mainstream media and the larger press outlets.
While larger papers and broadcast stations may not find it newsworthy when a resident grows a 100-pound vegetable or some enormous flower, we do. That’s because one of our friends or neighbors did it.
While others might not find junior high and youth sports worthy of occupying airtime or space on the printed page, we do. We’re all about showcasing the accomplishments of our young people. You don’t have to be on the varsity team to make it onto the sports pages of the News-Press.
Your milestone events are also very important to us. That’s why we welcome submissions for milestone birthdays and anniversaries. That’s also why we want to join in the celebration and inform our readers when you become engaged, when you exchange marriage vows and when you welcome a new bundle of joy into your family.
The activities of local clubs and organizations are also important. That’s why we welcome the submission of “club news”. We have several groups that take advantage of this — the Retired Educators Association of Dumas, the MCHD Auxiliary, the Moore County Senior Center, the Red Hatters, Window on the Plains Museum and The Art Center to name a few — and we would like even more groups to do the same.
We also know it is important to stay on top of what actions are being taken by our elected officials. That’s why we strive to attend as many public meetings as possible and share the outcome of those meetings with you. That’s also why we publish the agendas for upcoming public meetings, so you can decide whether or not you should attend and make your voice heard.
While we try to shed as positive a light as possible on our communities within Moore County, there are those times in which darkness prevails and we have to report on negative situations. When those times come, we will be there to get the story. We will get the facts, and we will get the story right. We will not jump the gun just to be the first one to get the word out (which can sometimes lead to mistakes and/or misinformation) — we want any words we publish to be fair and, most importantly, accurate.
Simply put, sharing important information about Moore County is what matters most to us. Our goal is to continue to bring you news, weather, sports, opinions and editorials, entertainment, community life, obituaries, crime and courts and more about Moore people.
As always, we welcome your submissions and your suggestions for stories. Please do not hesitate to contact the office at (806) 935-4111 or email