The Amarillo College English Department is pleased to announce the publication of the digital edition of its annual literary magazine that showcases writing and artwork submitted by students, faculty and staff – Freelancer.

The 2020 Freelancer is comprised of work from the 2019-2020 academic year, including the gripping cover, which is the artwork of Christiana Dawson, an image she titled "The Bull."

A committee of English faculty judged the submissions and selected works for the publication, which is produced each year with support from the School of Creative Arts.

“As always, I'm awed by our students' work, and this year's Freelancer is no exception,” said Josh O’Brien, ASC writing supervisor and chair of the Freelancer Committee.

“I feel like in my position at Writers' Corner and through my involvement in Sigma Kappa Delta (English Honor Society), I have a finger on the pulse of student writing at AC, but every year a bunch of neat stuff comes in that reminds me there's a lot of work our students are doing outside of class.

“I'm pleased that students continue to find Freelancer an inviting platform to share their work,” he said.

O’Brien also noted that the committee decided to delay production of the familiar printed version of Freelancer until circumstances related to the pandemic are such that the College community can return to campus.

“We plan to do a print run once we’re all back on campus, but this (digital edition) seemed like the best way to get it out given the current situation,” he said.

To view the digital edition, please visit the following link: https://en.calameo.com/books/00628427784d0962fdf4d

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