Four Dumas High School (DHS) art students were awarded $500 scholarships Saturday at the annual Dumas Independent School District (DISD) Art Festival put on by the DHS Art Club at The Art Center in Dumas.  Juniors Dylan Green and Kevin Tarango and seniors Janeth Mendoza and Lexi Mahaffey competed against other (DHS) juniors and seniors and walked away with $500 to put towards future education.  This was the second win in a row for Mendoza and Mahaffey; both won $500 in 2018.  

The scholarship contest is the high point of the festival.  Each contestant must create a work of art within 20 minutes and is allowed to choose either sculpture, painting, or drawing.  When time was called Saturday, the works were judged by former DHS art students Treven Fleming, Ramon Diaz, and Paulina Loya.  Loya was a $500 scholarship winner in 2018. 

Throughout the day, children of all ages took part in a variety of artistic competitions:  sidewalk drawing, quick draw, quick paint, and quick sculpture.  There was even a hopscotch contest.   According to DHS art teacher Selenda Hightower, the Art Club presented more than $3100 in scholarships, prizes and awards Saturday.  The money had been raised by club members at fundraising events over the course of the school year.

"We had great turnout," said Marti Christman, director of The Art Center in Dumas.  "It was the best we ever had."  More than 150 parents, teachers, and other visitors turned out to watch the competitions and view the student-produced art work hanging on the walls and displayed on tables throughout the center.  Christman says the quality of the work is high.  "We have amazing art, because we have amazing teachers," she said.  "Visitors have come in and said they were very impressed."  The art, produced by DHS and Dumas Jr. High School students in a variety of media, will be on display throughout the week.  Exhibits at the art center are free of charge.    

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