Originally from Dumas, Tim and Kelli Bilbrey graduated from Texas Tech and moved to Dallas in 2003. Tim started working in a cardiac rehab setting, which is what he went to school for and wanted to do.

During Tim's cardiac rehab career, he ran some of the largest programs in Dallas. Tim and his team created one of the best cardiac rehab programs in the country, doctors from all over the world came to see it. While working in the hospital setting, Tim saw the need for an at-home cardiac rehab option. While he was working on his Master's Degree, he created the idea of NextGen RPM as his final project. After a great response from his professors, Tim went with it and left the hospital setting to focus on NextGen RPM.

Originally, NextGen started as an at-home cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular rehab program, but quickly added services to help a variety of doctors and patients. In addition to these programs, they are a Remote Patient Monitoring company that specializes in Chronic Care Management. Their programs assist patients with two or more chronic conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer, and many more. Currently, NextGen RPM help patients all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area, New York City, Amarillo, and Moore County. Their team consists of a physician, nurse practitioner, nurses, dietitians, and exercise physiologists.

Tim’s younger brother, Benton, has since joined the company and is in responsible for conducting home visits involving diagnostics and wellness indicators that give an overview of each patient’s health.

The unique design of NextGen RPM is that they are able to create a treatment plan and provide interventions to help improve a patient's chronic conditions. Whether in-person or remotely, their team can exercise a patient in-person, or use NextGen RPM’s own developed app and wearable device(s). Their nurse and office staff call patients regularly to monitor vital signs and current health conditions while our dietitians will create a dietary plan for patients so they can meet their dietary needs. All results and findings are reported to the patient's primary physician, so the physician can see their progress.  

 In response to COVID-19, the company has been working closely with Moore County to help patients referred to its "COVID-19 Home Monitoring and Recovery Program".  As a result, NextGen RMP has remotely collected daily vital signs, symptoms, and recovery progression. This allows NextGen RPM to track and trend each patient's recovery and provide quick communication to their primary care physician if needed. Once recovered, NextGEN RPM’s COVID-19 Home Monitoring and Recovery Program helps patients regain their strength and return to their normal lifestyles.

Since Dumas is home, the Bilbreys say they “enjoy taking care of our family and friends while helping our community.”

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