Cultivate of Dumas, is described as your hometown fancy garden shop. It is located on 503 N Maddox Ave. It is co-owned by sisters Beth Ann Clark and Emily Crawford. They are the daughters of Brent and Janet Clark, and are both born and raised in Dumas.

Clark and Crawford took over the building and business from Jaine Tate. Who owned it for 35 years when it was formerly known as the Garden Center.

“We loved the business Jaine built, we wanted to take that on but also expand to home goods, clothing, and accessories,” Clark said.

“We wanted to continue what she did but do more,” said Crawford.

Clark and Crawford also expanded the building by adding a second greenhouse and also made it their own. The shop is colorful and gives off a boho boutique vibe. It is filled with different kinds of pots and garden accessories. They also have a large selection of fertilizer and gardening chemicals. Cultivate has all sorts of home decor such as paintings and pillows. They also have greeting cards, journals and art prints for sale.

When entering the store you are firstly greeted by the ladies welcoming you in. There are displays with hand painted ceramic hearts and cute greeting cards to give. Towards the back of the store they have a clothing rack that is filled with all kinds of shirts, pants and dresses, and there is also a selection of jewelry. Stepping out of the building is when you enter the green house, there you can find all sorts of plants from cacti and succulents to flowers. They also have bird houses and wind chimes hung up, as well. Out to the side of the building near their mural they have giant planters for big outdoor or indoor plants.

Crawford and Clark describe Cultivate as an eclectic garden center with home goods and accessories.

“We are an experience,” Crawford said.

They renamed and rebranded the Garden Center to Cultivate. They named it Cultivate because that word means to grow.

“To cultivate something is to help something grow, and for cultivate we just want to help you cultivate a beautiful life. We want to help you grow your plants, we want to help you grow them and fertilize them, and take care of them. But we also want to help cultivate you,”Crawford said.

“We want to help you grow,” said Clark.

The biggest inspiration for Cultivate came from their agriculture background. Although they both run the store, Crawford is more interested in the plants, fertilizer and agriculture side of the store. While Beth Ann enjoys focusing more on the home decor, accessories and clothing of the store. But as time has passed they have learned to appreciate each other’s strengths more and have learned to collaborate. And although they enjoy selling the home decor and accessories, they want to remind everyone that plants will always be their number one focus.

The sisters carefully curate what they bring to the store, they want people to have shopping options here in Dumas instead of having to drive elsewhere or shop online.

“It’s just bits and pieces of what me and Emmy like, and what we want to see more of,” Clark said, “we want the people of Dumas to have more of a local option for shopping, than having to drive to Amarillo.”

It is important to shop local because not only are small shops in our community bringing in revenue to help our community but you are also supporting each other. These small shops also provide jobs to people in our town.

“The importance of shopping local is keeping your money in the community and being supportive of the people you live with and serve with,” said Clark, It's also giving the people the choice to stay in town and be able to buy gifts or flowers, you’re also not having to make a trip to Amarillo.”

Crawford and Clark are excited for this upcoming spring, especially this upcoming week when they will be hosting an event on Thursday called “Beer, Brats, and Boys”, where ladies can send in their boyfriend or husband to shop for their Valentines day gifts. Crawford and Clark will be serving beer and brats to the men and help them narrow down options for gifts. They are also excited to announce that they will have floral arrangements ready for Valentines day, and will also be delivering.

“Something we would like to do more of and something we do offer is more of special event florals,” said Crawford, “ we don’t keep flowers, but when we have enough time we can help people plan their weddings and special events.”

They want people to know that they are an option when it comes to floral arrangements as long as they are provided with enough time.They also offer registries for weddings, house warming, or any occasion.

“Thank you for a good first year,” says Crawford and Clark.

If you're ever looking for a special gift to give or want to start gardening and need supplies or advice, stop by and say hi to the ladies at Cultivate and let them help you out.

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