[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 4 “Truth Hurts.”]

Season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? is wasting no time getting down to the drama, with at least two couples looking like they may truly be on the rocks. But we do finally get to see a honeymoon.

Episode 4 is quite action-packed, so let’s boil it down and focus on everything you need to know about it!

Kimberly and Usman

On her first full day in Nigeria, Kimberly and Usman (aka Sojaboy) fought over the specifics of Usman getting a second wife in order to have children. Kimberly had been trying to get to an accepting place about a second wife, but it went out the window once she found out that Usman wanted her to be close and interact with the other woman. Kimberly didn’t want to live in the same area as a second wife or even meet her.

The next day, Usman takes Kimberly to meet his friend Kabiru, who has two wives and nine children, to ask him about what life with multiple spouses is like in Nigeria. Kabiru informs them that all of the wives have to be treated equal and that Usman will have to hide it if he loves one more than the other. Kimberly says that Usman told her that she would get all the love. Usman says he has the potential to have as many kids as Kabiru does and he could knock them all out if he had four wives. Kimberly is aghast that he would ask for more wives.

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According to Kabiru, “there is nothing more exciting than your wives becoming friends,” and he suggests that Usman bring the second wife and kids to America so they can have a close relationship. Kimberly has had enough and throws a milkshake at Usman as she storms off. Usman tells Kabiru that Kimberly should leave tomorrow.

Usman and Kimberly have an angry car ride back to the hotel. In the room, she wonders what the point of that meeting was since Usman kept interrupting her and wishes she never came to Nigeria. “You can go back,” he counters. “It’s easy.” He reminds her that they had sex, which he did to adapt to her culture, and she says that all of this is a lot for her too.

“If this is not healthy for us, it’s better that we call it off,” he says. “I’m going to look for a plane ticket,” she answers, walking out of the room. “I’ll borrow the money from somebody and you go marry 5000 wives if you want.” Usman follows Kimberly outside the hotel, but she tells him, “Don’t touch me, leave me alone!”

Angela and Michael


Angela usually makes a big deal out of Michael’s birthday, but she is not feeling it this year. She FaceTimes him in Nigeria from her car in Georgia to tensely wish him a happy birthday, and you can feel just how bad it has gotten between the two. She asks if he went out to celebrate and he said that he stayed home. “I’m not financially buoyant,” he says flatly. “I mean, I don’t have more cash on me, so I stay home.”

“Why did I refuse?” she yells. “Because you’re an idiot!”

Angela wonders where all the money she has given him has gone, and Michael explains in his own interview that Angela always wants to control everything, but “it’s not done that way.”

She hangs up on him, but he calls back to talk about the visa. “Why would I want to bring you here? You’ve done nothing but hurt me!” She hangs up again and walks off, admitting, “He’s really hurting me this time.”

Jenny and Sumit


The couple are packing for their honeymoon in Rishikesh, but they have different ideas of what their getaway will be like. Jenny just wants to lay by the river and relax with Sumit, but he wants to hike, camp, and be active.

He admits in an interview that he’s trying to be happy but is still very upset about his mother disowning him. Jenny worries that it will take Sumit a while to move away from his parents. “If he doesn’t, this will be a dark shadow over our marriage forever,” she says.

When they arrive at their honeymoon resort, Jenny thinks it’s like a scene out of a Bollywood movie, and the bed and bathtub have been decorated with rose petals and towels fashioned into lovebirds. They take turns posing for pictures on the bed before they “mess it up,” as Jenny puts it.

Instead of going ahead and making a mess, Sumit decides it’s a good time to tell Jenny that he plans to go back to work soon to help a friend’s business and he wants to work six days a week. Jenny wants to retire but Sumit is in his 30s and still wants to be productive, he tells the cameras later.

“We need to be together more than one day a week,” she replies. Jenny did not fight this hard to be alone six days a week, she says, and she thinks this conversation about work took the romance out of the honeymoon. We were so close, Sumit!

Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth (better known as Libby) is taking some vocal lessons at a school called Voicercise. She shares her desire to sing and record nursery rhymes, and Roxy the Voicercise trainer asks her to sing while she plays “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” on the keyboard.

Roxy says in an interview that she thinks Libby is a little bit rusty but does have some talent. Back in the lesson, Roxy wants Libby to think about how hard of an avenue that may actually be to make it in the music business.

Back at home, Andrei’s kindhearted father arrives from Moldova, and he’ll be staying for a few months. They take Libby and Andrei’s daughter Ellie for ice cream, and Andrei fills his father in on the drama with Libby’s mother Pam. She wants the family to be at her birthday party alongside the estranged son Charlie, whom nobody is talking to until he seeks help for his drinking. Andrei plans to meet up with Pam alone and make sure she understands why they won’t be there at the birthday party.

Pam says Andrei is “taking the coward way out” by not facing Charlie, even though they fought physically the last time they were in the same place. Andrei says there’s no way he’s going anywhere near Charlie until he sees some action. “When you build walls to keep people out, you keep yourself in,” she says.

“Pam doesn’t respect me or my boundaries,” he notes later.

Bilal and Shaeeda


Shaeeda asks Bilal if they can go shopping for decor so that their home can feel a bit more like her, and he is dismayed when they get there and there’s a baby store attached.

“She don’t need to be in here right now,” he tells the clerks, who ask Shaeeda if she has baby fever. If you’ve been watching at all, you know that she does — she put a clause in their prenup that she needs to have a child by the time she is 40 in 2.5 years. “If I don’t get a baby by 40, he’s going to pay,” she explains to the cameras.

Shaeeda suggests that they make an appointment with a fertility specialist next week. She says she just wants to know how much time she has realistically. “He needs to take my timetable and health seriously,” she continues in the interview. “This could be my last chance and, trust me, I’m not gonna waste it.”

Big Ed and Liz


Big Ed apologizes to Liz for being a jerk to her while he was taking pictures of her friend Alex and supposed to be teaching her photography techniques. But he also says she should never correct him in front of a client and pokes at what he perceives as her immaturity level, so it doesn’t go that well.

“There are times when she can grow up a little,” he admits to the cameras alone.

“I’m feeling dad come out in tonight’s altercation,” she says in an interview. “And no one wants to screw their dad at night.”

Next Time

Russia has invaded Ukraine, and Yara is worried sick about her family and friends back home. Jenny says she can file for Sumit’s spousal visa and they can go to America together, but he doesn’t want to leave. His first priority is to win his parents back. “Your first priority will always be your parents,” she frets. “It will never be me.”

Liz’s friend Alex asks her if Big Ed ever lets her have time to herself, and she admits that he “lets me have time when I’m going to work out.” As tears well up in Liz’s eyes, Alex asks, “does he want you to lose weight?”

Libby’s sisters have seemingly made an about-dance and have decided to go to their mom’s birthday party. They say that she and Andrei are “building an island” between them and the rest of the family.

Angela decides to pop up on Michael in Nigeria to get to the bottom of what he’s doing. She vows to file for divorce and pull his visa applications if she finds out he’s been scamming her this whole time. Also in Nigeria, Usman follows Kimberly outside the hotel, but she tells him to once again leave her alone. “I can’t go on with that,” she tells the cameras later. “It’s all on the line. I feel like it’s all on the line now.”

That’s quite a cliffhanger, but luckily we’ll learn much more on Sunday.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Sundays, 8/7c, TLC and Discovery+

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