British women are coming second...

Women in Britain orgasm four times less often than men. Durex has surveyed 2,000 people in the UK on their sexual experiences and found that men are far more likely to climax when making love. Just five per cent of females say that they always orgasm after a sexual encounter compared to 20 per cent of men. A fifth of sexually active women revealed that they feel frustrated or disappointed as a result of their lack of orgasms. Sex expert Alix Fox revealed that she is "heartbroken" by the findings and is advising women on how to boost their chances of climaxing. She told MailOnline: "I find this profoundly heartbreaking, when it's possible for intimacy to be so much more rewarding all round." Fox feels that there are a variety of reasons for the orgasm gap. She explained: "Women tend to have been taught their sexual role is to prioritise giving pleasure to men, rather than receiving and sharing it in return. "Women have gotten used to protecting men's egos at the expense of expressing their own needs, desires and truths."

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