‘Supergirl’ Returns & Must Face Her Fear in the Final Episodes Trailer (VIDEO)
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When we last saw Kara (Melissa Benoist) and her father, Zor-El (Jason Behr), were rescued from the Phantom Zone, but as the trailer for the final episodes (beginning Tuesday, August 24) shows, that experience is going to stay with them.

“It was so cold in the Phantom Zone. Every breath felt like ice,” Kara admits to her sister Alex (Chyler Leigh). “We’re going to get through this together,” Alex assures her. But, “what if that fear never goes away?” Kara worries. And who can blame her? The Phantom Zone was a terrifying experience for her, as we watched play out over the first half of the sixth and final season of Supergirl.

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Among the problems the Superfriends still have to deal with is Nyxly (Peta Sergeant), the Imp Kara and Zor-El met in the Phantom Zone. “Miss me?” she asks Kara. But there is going to be another hero suiting up in the final episodes: Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai), becoming Guardian. Alex’s “it’s only when we take risks that we can find out who we are meant to be” seems to tease just that.

Also glimpsed in the trailer is Nia (Nicole Maines) sharing a sweet moment with her mom (Kate Burton), who tells her, “the times ahead will be the most trying yet, but you can face them.”

Watch the trailer below for more of what’s to come, including a bomb!

Supergirl returns for its final episodes are going on hiatus following the May 11 episode. Superman & Lois has been wrapping up its first season in its place.

Supergirl, Midseason Premiere, Tuesday, August 24, 9/8c, The CW

This article originally ran on tvinsider.com.

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