Applications for voting by mail in 2020 elections are now available from the Moore County Clerk.

According to Moore County Clerk Brenda McKanna, as of January 1, 2020, applications for Ballots by Mail for the upcoming 2020 elections are available from her office.  Not all voters are eligible.  Only those who are 65 years of age or older, disabled, expecting to be absent from the county during the election or during regular in-person early voting, or confined in jail are permitted to vote by mail.  They have until 11 days prior to the day of the election to apply for a ballot, which, in the case of the March 3 primary, is February 21.  The deadline for the May 2 local political subdivisions election (the Cities of Dumas, Cactus, and Sunray, plus the Dumas and Sunray Independent School Districts) is April 20 (12 days because of San Jacinto Day).  The deadline for the May 26 primary runoff is May 15, while voters wishing to vote by mail in the November 3 general election will need to have their application in McKanna's office by October 23.  

Most voters wishing to vote by mail in the various 2020 elections will need to submit a separate application for each.  Those voters 65 years of age or older or disabled have an option that allows them to submit one application and receive "a mail ballot for all elections held during a calendar year," according to McKanna. It is called the Annual Application for a Ballot by Mail, and eligible voters wanting to apply must do so by 11 days prior to the election day.  The application expires December 31 of the year in which it was submitted.

To request either type of application, voters registered in Moore County must contact Brenda McKanna at 806-935-2009.  In addition to being the Moore County Clerk, she is the Early Voting Clerk for Moore County.

According to voting law, once a voter receives an application, he or she must submit it by mail, common or contract carrier, fax, or email to the Early Voting Clerk of the county in which he or she is registered to vote.   If a voter submits an application by fax or email, he or she must follow up and send the original application via regular mail within 4 business days of the submission.

In Moore County, send applications for a ballot by mail to Brenda McKanna, 715 Dumas Avenue, Room 107, Dumas, Texas 79029.  The email address for submissions is  The fax number is 806-935-9004. 

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