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Bron Bohlar in the Moore County Jail in November, 2018 prior to his extradition to Wayne County, New York to face a conspiracy charge in the murder of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn.

Former Sunray Police Department Officer Bron Bohlar has pleaded guilty to the one count of conspiracy in the second degree he was charged with in connection with the Sodus, New York double murder of Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn on Oct. 22, 2018.  Former Sunray Police Department Chief Timothy Paul Dean and his wife, Charlene Childers, have both been charged with murder in the case.  

Prosecutors allege that Bohlar discussed killing Niles, who was the ex-boyfriend of Childers, in the garage of the house Dean and Childers shared in Sunray.  They further allege that Bohlar rented a car in his name for Dean to drive to New York to commit the murder of Niles.

WHEC News in Rochester, New York quotes Bohlar's defense attorney as saying that Bohlar rented a car for Dean thinking it was "a seemingly considerate act for a friend who was down on his luck."  They also quote him as saying Bohlar "will not offer excuses about being manipulated or deceived" and that he was a "sworn member of law enforcement and he realizes he should not have been blind or allowed to be misled.  He will continue to cooperate with law enforcement and the district attorney."

Bohlar, Dean, and Childers remain jailed in Wayne County, New York.

The Moore County News-Press will continue to follow developments in this ongoing story.

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