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Bron Bohlar in custody in the Moore County Jail in 2018.

Former Sunray police officer Bron Bohlar testified Wednesday in the murder trial of former Sunray police chief Timothy Paul Dean that he knew the car he was renting for Dean was going to be used to drive to New York to commit the murder of Joshua Niles, according to Georgie Silverole of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, a reporter with whom the News-Press shares information.  Bohlar, who pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy in the case, said he knew beginning in August that Dean and his wife, Charlene Childers, were discussing the murder.  "I had several conversations about Tim coming to New York … (to) kill Josh," he said.

Bohlar said he, Childers, and Dean talked about the plan in the garage of Dean and Childer's home in early October.  He said he used Dean's cell phone to rent the car and that the initial plan was for Dean to put a fentanyl patch on Niles to make it appear that he had had a drug overdose.

Niles and his girlfriend, Amanda Washburn, were shot to death on October 22, 2018 outside the home they shared in Sodus, New York .  Childers testified on Tuesday that Dean was going to use a gun stolen from the Sunray Police Department to kill Niles.

Also on Wednesday, Robert Visca, a forensic biologist at the Monroe County Crime Lab testified by videotape that DNA from a ski mask found in the neighborhood of the crime scene matched with a high level of certainty a DNA sample taken from Dean.  Visca conceded during cross examination by Dean's attorney, Joe Damelio,  that he could not say how the DNA got on the ski mask or how long it had been there.

Dean is charged with one count of first degree murder and two counts of second degree murder in the case.  If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Childers, who was charged with one count of second degree murder, pleaded guilty to one count of first degree manslaughter.  Childers and Bohlar will be sentenced in June.  The trial is taking place in Wayne County, New York.

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