Care Net Executive Director Monica Sullivan, left, and other Care Net Staffers in front of some of the school supplies they intend to give away on August 10 in the Moore County Community Building.  Care Net and JBS are conducting their second annual school supply drive.

Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of Dumas and Cactus has joined with JBS to conduct their second annual back-to-school supply drive for children in need. 

"People don't truly understand just how much need there is here," said Care Net Executive Director Monica Sullivan.  "Last year we had over 600 children receive supplies."  

Care Net has placed marked containers in many businesses and offices around the area.  People interested in donating school supplies can either put them in one of these containers or bring them by the Care Net office at 1315 Zauk Avenue in Dumas.  Sullivan says they will be taking donations until August 10.

She asks people to give what they can.  Among the items needed are backpacks, paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons, markers, tissue, pens, folders, binders, glue, scissors, colored pencils, and highlighters.  She says packing a backpack full of supplies and bringing it is a convenient way to donate.

Sullivan says Care Net and JBS will be in the Moore County Community Building on Saturday, August 10, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. handing out supplies to children who need them.  Sullivan invites anyone in need to come.  Liberty Foods will also be serving hamburgers.  

Sullivan says the idea for the school supply drives came about as she and her colleagues saw more and more children being raised by grandparents and other non-parent relatives.  Many of these families faced severe financial hardships.  School supplies are expensive but critical, because school is often the most important factor in allowing these children to move beyond poverty and have a productive life.  Children without the proper supplies are handicapped and not able to take full advantage of the opportunities they have.  Plus, not having the right supplies negatively affects their self esteem.  With the help of JBS, Care Net can provide supplies to many children, she says, and make sure that they "return to school this fall feeling confident and prepared." 

For more information call Care Net at (806) 935-3549 or Cassie Hataway of JBS at (570) 606-7342.  

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