Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center Executive Director Monica Sullivan in what will be the agency's new Dumas office on 5th Street.  Sullivan hopes to have the building renovated and ready for occupation in about three months.

Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center Executive Director Monica Sullivan was present Monday as Keith Christie changed the locks on the old building at 215 East 5th Street that until recently housed Panhandle Community Services and the Moore County Food Bank and more than fifty years ago was the Meredith and Wright Clinic.  Sullivan says Care Net has purchased the building and, after extensive renovations, she plans to move the agency in from its current temporary home in the Calvary Baptist Church on Zauk.  

"In three months it will look much better," she said.  Sullivan plans to use the space both for agency operations and as a refuge for some expectant mothers with nowhere else to go.  "Some of these rooms can be converted into bedrooms," she said.  "There is a big need here."

Sullivan says she has someone lined up to do the renovation work and planning has begun.  There is quite a bit to do.  The floor needs to be replaced, as do the heaters and water heater.  The water heater is now completely exposed in one of the aging bathrooms.  The heating units are exposed wall units and original to the building.  Sullivan says that with children running around in the facility, they would be too dangerous to keep.  She also plans to redo the kitchen and bathrooms so that mothers and children will have a comfortable and safe environment.

One of the top priorities will be removing the empty boxes and other items left over from the closing of the food pantry.  The pantry occupied one half of the building, and when it closed, empty boxes, a pallet of outdated soup, and other items were left in the building.

Sullivan is excited and nervous about the project, but she is undaunted.  Care Net has led a sort of gypsy-like existence in Dumas over the last few years, even as it expanded operations to Cactus.  The agency has never had its own permanent facility in Dumas.  Sullivan hopes that is about to finally change.

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