David Swinford, board member of the DEDC presents a $1000 Community Grant check to Paul Jenkins, past president of the Cowboy Classic Rodeo Association.  The money went to purchase waterers for the rough stock that will be held in the new livestock pens at Baer-Record Rodeo Arena.  Left to right: Michael Running, president of the CCRA and executive director of the DEDC; Paul Jenkins, past president of the CCRA; David Swinford, board member of the DEDC; Moore County Judge Rowdy Rhoades; Brian Gorham of the CCRA.

David Swinford, member of the Dumas Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) Board of Directors presented a Community Grant check for $1000 to Paul Jenkins, past president of the Cowboy Classic Rodeo Association (CCRA) Thursday at Moore County Baer-Record Rodeo Arena in Dumas.  The grant will pay for waterers located in new livestock pens for rough stock (bulls and horses  involved in bucking events) constructed by Jenkins at the arena.  

According to Michael Running, current president of the CCRA and executive director of the DEDC, the new pens and waterers will make things safer for rodeo personnel.  "It was kind of a hazardous condition where we were having to move the rough stock from one area to the other, and I think you know how bulls can be, so having them right here makes it a much safer deal," he said.

The Community Grants are matching grants.  An organization that receives one has to contribute an equal or greater amount to the project.  "Paul Jenkins is our past president who did the project, so he did all the work to install the rough stock pens, which were desperately needed, and then we put the waterer in there so the animals had access to the water.  The waterer was the actual EDC grant.  The work that Paul Jenkins did was all of the matching to get the grant," said Running.  Initially the grant was for $1,200, but Running said the organization was able to purchase the waterer locally from the Family Farm Store for $1,000.

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