Drs. Gordon and Judy Graham at a reception Thursday in the lobby of Memorial Hospital to mark their retirement after 17 years as obstetrician/gynecologists in Dumas. 

Friends and colleagues of Drs. Gordon and Judy Graham came together Thursday in the lobby of Memorial Hospital for a reception put on by the Moore County Hospital District to mark their retirement after 17 years as obstetrician/gynecologists (ob/gyn) in Dumas.

"There is no telling how many babies they have delivered in the community and how many mommas they have served," said MCHD Chief Executive Officer Jeff Turner.  "They have done a great job for our community.  I think their patients love them.  They have always had a strong loyalty with their patients.  As this chapter of their lives comes to a close, we certainly want to congratulate them and thank them and honor them with this reception and wish them well as they move on to the next chapter."

In recent years, the Grahams were one of two ob/gyn practices in Dumas.  In 2018, the second one, a part of the Moore County Hospital District, closed when both of the physicians practicing there, Drs. Richard Chudacoff and Lauren Schaub, left Dumas to pursue career opportunities elsewhere.  The Grahams filled in the gap for area patients until new physicians could be recruited.  MCHD has announced that the Moore County Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic will reopen January 20, 2020 with Drs. Stephanie Diehlmann, Shaun Jester, and Glena Davis.  Dr. Diehlmann has been seeing ob/gyn patients in the Moore County Family Health Clinic and has already delivered a number of babies, according to Turner.  The Board of Directors of the MCHD voted to approve the appointment of Dr. Jester in their regular meeting on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Dr. Gordon Graham said he does not know yet if he will like retirement.  He has been practicing medicine for a long time.  "It is not the easiest thing to give up … I have never been retired before, so I do not know if I will like it or not.  I am trying to transition.  I have a little bit of part-time work set up that will allow me to maintain what they call the active credentials so that I can continue with some volunteer stuff that I don't really want to give up quite yet," he said.  But here are benefits to retirement.  "In terms of the tag-teaming my wife and I have been doing over the years, we are looking forward to traveling together and doing some other things together."  When asked why retire now, he said, "The timing just seemed right, things fell into position, and we had an offer from the hospital (MCHD) that allowed for an easy transition."

Dr. Judy Graham said she was looking forward to retirement.  "I just want to say thank you to the community and to all the people in Dumas for all their help over the years.  I am especially grateful to the patients that chose to have me as their doctor."

Dr. Gordon Graham said they intend to remain in Dumas "for the foreseeable future."  "Dumas is a nice home base," he added.

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