"I wanted our whole community to know.  That is why I am here today.  It is to honor two people who care way more than what their job description calls for," said Evelyn Ham to the Moore County Commissioners in their regular commissioners court on Monday.  The people she was honoring were Brenda McKanna, Moore County Clerk, and Scott Stricker, Delivery Supervisor for the local post office.

Harold and Evelyn Ham had planned a trip to Florida.  They have not missed voting in an election in more than 50 years.  They would be gone for the election and early voting, so they submitted the paper work to be able to vote by mail.  As the date for their departure approached, Evelyn realized that the ballots had still not arrived.  She called Stricker at the post office.  Stricker told her to contact McKanna to have new ballots sent to the post office.  He told her that he would deliver the ballots to them, and he told her to fill them out and bring them back to the post office and that he would personally see that they got to McKanna's office.

According to Stricker, all mail now goes to Amarillo to be cancelled.  The ballots went to Amarillo and, for some reason, were delayed in returning to Dumas to be delivered to the Hams.  "I could give you a hundred scenarios about what happened, but that is not what is important.  It was not my fault, but it was the post office's fault, ultimately.  I feel it is important that we get to exercise our (right) to vote.  We dropped the ball as a service.  That was the least I could do to make it where they could vote," said Stricker.  "There are people who are apathetic about voting.  I wanted them to be able to vote, because they wanted to … it is their right."

"To me, anybody who wants to vote, it's very important, very, very important that they are able to vote," said McKanna.  "In our office, we go over and beyond … we do everything we can to help the public (exercise their right to vote), no matter who it is."

McKanna hand delivered the second set of ballots to Stricker.  He personally took them to the Hams.  Evelyn Ham returned the completed ballots to Stricker the next day, and he took them himself to McKanna.  The Hams have still not missed an election, and they could not be more grateful to the two people who helped them.  "Only in a small town do our neighbors care enough about each other to realize how critical a vote is, especially to me this year.  I can't thank Brenda enough," she said.  Stricker could not attend the commissioners' court Monday, but Evelyn Ham contacted Congressman Mac Thornberry's office and asked that they contact Stricker's superiors in the post office to give him the "kudos" she said he deserved.

The commissioners also donated $3000 to the Sunray Future Farmers of America (FFA) for the renovation of a barn.  The commissioners made the donation so that the students in the Sunray 4-H will be abel to share the facility with the FFA, according to Moore County Judge Rowdy Rhoades.  The barn will be used for the care of animals.  It will have an exercise machine for them. 

In other business, the commissioners:

  • voted to return a plat of land to Country Club Estates that had been used for agriculture;
  • voted to approve a contract with Ideacom for a fire alarm system for the Discovery Center, to be reimbursed by the center;
  • voted to approve an interlocal agreement with Armstrong County for housing Moore County inmates;
  • voted to approve changing H. J. Collinsworth's status from jailer to deputy;
  • voted to approve the purchase of four soft-body armor vests for sheriff's deputies;
  • voted to approve a contract with City-Telecoin for telecommunication services to the jail;
  • voted to approve a grant resolution for Moore County to maintain a grant to pay for indigent defense; and
  • voted to approve moving the November 12, 2018 meeting to November 13, 2018 because of Veterans' Day.

At the conclusion of business, the commissioners voted to adjourn.

City/Features Editor

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