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Sunray Police Department Chief Colt Farni edged out Greg Satterfield 162 to 156 in Tuesday’s Republican Party primary runoff to become the next Moore County Commissioner, Precinct 4, according to the unofficial results from Moore County Clerk Brenda Mckanna.  Officially, Farni becomes the Republican candidate in the November general election, but because there was no candidate for the office in the Democratic Party primary, Farni will win the November general election by default.  He will replace long-time incumbent Lynn Cartrite, who opted not to run for reelection.

Satterfield and Farni came in first and second out of a six-person field in the March primary, receiving 141 and 95 votes respectively.  But since Satterfield did not win 50 percent of the vote the race went to a runoff.  Only Republican voters in Commissioner Precinct 4, which encompasses Electoral Precincts 401 and 402 — including the cities of Cactus and Sunray — cast ballots in the commissioner race.  

In March, 23.03 percent of the 9, 807 Moore County residents who were then registered to vote participated in the Republican and Democratic Party primaries either absentee by mail or in person early or on election day.  Between the primary and the runoff, the number of people registered to vote in Moore County grew to 9,899, but only 638, or 6.45 percent, of those registered voters cast a ballot.  Reflecting the dominance of the Republican Party in Moore County, 623 of those who turned out Tuesday cast their ballot in the Republican runoff and 15 voted Democratic.  A majority of Republicans, 308, voted early in person, while 56 voted absentee and 264 in person on election day.  Democrats were evenly split with five voting absentee, five early in person and five showing up on election day.

In the other races decided in the Republican runoff, Moore County voters followed state trends, with the winners in Moore County also winning statewide.  Ken Paxton defeated George P. Bush 432 to 148 in Moore County in the race for attorney general.  Dawn Buckingham defeated Tim Wesley 279 to 247 for commissioner of the general land office.  Wayne Christian won over Sarah Stogner 374 to 159 for railroad commissioner.

In the Democratic runoff, Michelle Beckley won eight to seven over Mike Collier in Moore County for lieutenant governor, but Collier was the ultimate winner statewide.  Rochelle Mercedes Garza won 10 to five over Joe Jaworski in Moore County.  Garza prevailed across the state as well.  Janet T. Dudding won the day for comptroller of public accounts, but Moore County Democrats preferred Angel Luis Vega nine to six.  Finally, Jay Kleberg was the choice of Democrats statewide for commissioner of the general land office, but Moore County Democrats went for his opponent, Sandragrace Marinez, 11 to three.

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