One man died and three people were injured in an accident involving a red 2016 Volvo   semi truck. The accident took place on Friday, Aug. 16, at 9:30 p.m.

According to Dumas Police Department, the Volvo tractor (minus a trailer) exited the north side of Loves truck stop in the 700 block of N. Dumas Ave. It proceeded to travel west toward the stop sign at the intersection of N. 7th and Dumas Ave. The tractor attempted to turn south into the 700 block of N. Dumas Ave., failing to yield right of way to a southbound tractor trailer in the inside lane for southbound traffic.

The Dumas PD report continued by saying the Volvo entered the inside lane for southbound traffic and struck a  2005 blue Peterbilt that was towing an empty silver tank trailer.  

 The Volvo traveled east and then turned north after jumping the curb on the west side of Loves truck stop, traveled through the gas pumps and parking lot, continued in a northward direction and entered a parking lot after crossing north 8th street in the 100 block.  The Volvo struck five vehicles including a flatbed trailer.  

Dumas PD reports there were pedestrians and/or people standing outside of the building north of the parking lot.  The Volvo struck four people standing near the south door to the building.  The Volvo came to rest after damaging the north side of the builing.  

One male,  identified as 26-year-old Roberto Zubia, was outside the building and died as a result of the crash. Three others, including a child, were transported to medical facilities.  

Dumas PD says it is unknown as of this date if anyone has been released from those facilities.  Neither of the tractor drivers were injured, and there was no disabling damage done to either of hte semis in the crash. The accident is still being investigated.

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