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Dumas High School has announced its current plans for graduation to take place on June 1. Please read on for a message from DHS Principal Brett Beesley:

Good Afternoon,

I sincerely hope this communication finds you and your family safe and healthy. We at Dumas High School empathize with our Seniors on how this year ended and we want to ensure that the Class of 2020 receives the very best graduation ceremony. Now that the Governor of Texas and the Commissioner of Education have released some guidance, we are now prepared to deliver our graduation plan. All plans are subject to change at the discretion of the Governor of Texas.

Dumas High School will graduate our Seniors on June 1, 2020 at 8:00pm. Our graduation will be live streamed on Blue Cloud TV and available for viewing on Facebook. If we are unable to graduate on June 1st due to bad weather, we will postpone until Tuesday. Our graduation must meet many stipulations and guidelines so the following will strictly apply on this date:

    •    We will limit the number of participants by giving each Senior 1 ticket that will allow 4 members of a family unit in.

    •    Each member of the family unit must be COVID – 19 symptom free.

    •    We will limit the number of staff in attendance.

    •    Prior to the ceremony, participating students and attending family members must be screened.

    •    Screenings will be done via questioning.

    •    We will keep 6 feet of spacing between all students and participants (family units).

    •    Hand Sanitizing stations will be available at each entry point.

    •    All students and participants must wear a mask.

Details on Ceremony

    •    Seniors will begin arriving at 7:00pm.

    •    Seniors will enter through the East gate by the Demon Dome.

    •    Masks will be provided for the students and workers.

    •    Seniors will walk directly to their assigned seat where they will remain for the entire ceremony.

    •    Diplomas will not be handed out. They will be in the seat assigned to the Senior.

    •    Seniors with the Last Name beginning A-P will be given tickets that allow entry on the home side.

    •    Seniors with the Last Name beginning Q-Z will be given tickets that allow entry on the visitor’s side.

    •    Participants may begin arriving at 6:00pm.

    •    Participants MUST sit on the taped sections of the stadium.

    •    Students and participants will be allowed entry with social distancing and dismissed by row.

We know that this plan is not ideal, but it does meet the stipulations set forth by our Governor and it will allow DISD to honor its graduates to the greatest extent possible. We will continue to send out communications to our Seniors.


Brett Beesley

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