Larry Lopata introduces district custodians to the GENEON blower/mister and the TRIO RX product to help keep schools and buses disinfected.

Dumas Independent School District has made a significant investment in the health and safety of its employees and its students.

The district recently conducted a meeting with the custodian team leaders for each campus, as well as the bus barn, to introduce new technology that will be used to sanitize school campuses and school buses. This will be especially useful during a severe flu season, but the technology will also help in other ways.

According to Dumas ISD Superintendent Monty Hysinger, the district “really believes the investment will be very beneficial.”

The district has invested in devices that will be located at each campus and in the bus barn. These devices spray a mist that kills the flu virus, ringworm, athlete’s foot, mold/mildew, HIV and many others. While it is powerful enough to kill such things, the mist is safe to the touch and, even if sprayed directly onto food, it poses no risk.

The device, which resembles a leaf blower, is a GENEON blower/mister. Staff use a small device to mix water and a product called TRIO RX to be used in the GENEON to produce the disinfecting mist. The mist has a 30 second kill  time, which is much faster than other disinfectants.

Larry Lopata with Miller Paper Company made the presentation to the district’s employees.

He says Dumas is doing a great thing by putting a device in each campus, as well as at the bus barn. He also complimented the district for its efforts to keep schools clean.

“Dumas gets an A+ in cleanliness,” he said. “The fact that Eddie (Crossland) and his program as director of operations and Monty (Hysinger) as the superintendent, they’re taking the extra step to be preventative and making a huge investment.”

The superintendent says he looks forward to monitoring attendance as the district begins using these new devices. He says there are two goals: 1) Promote health of both teachers and students; and 2) Promote academic success by improving attendance.

The district hopes this proactive approach keeps kids and teachers healthy and in the classrooms so learning continues to take place.

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