The Dumas Education Foundation awarded scholarships ranging from $500 to $1000 to 56 Dumas High School seniors Tuesday during a reception in the DHS cafeteria.  Nine students also received scholarships ranging from $100 to $500 from the gifted and talented program known as PEGS.

Many of the scholarships the DEF awards every year were endowed by family members in memory of lost loved ones, often former Dumas Independent School District educators such as Bill Lackey and Mark Strobel.  Bill Lackey's son, Jimmy, presented 13 $1000 scholarships in memory of his father on Tuesday.  The Zubia family gave two scholarships in memory of a family member.  The First United Methodist Church gave five scholarships in memory of Morris and Billie Hunt and others.  Other scholarships were funded by individuals and organizations, such as Amarillo College and Judith and Larry Appel, interested in furthering educational opportunities for graduating seniors.  Some were funded by money raised by the DEF, according to DEF Executive Director Shawn Frische.  There were several new scholarships this year.

"I just think any time we can help children through the donations of this community … it is just a wonderful way to give a student or young adult a chance to get started and not face the tremendous burden of what a college education costs today.  It is a little step, but it is a big step for those who have given, and it is certainly appreciated," said former teacher and DISD Superintendent Larry Appel Tuesday of the DEF scholarships.

Students interested in continuing their education after graduation from DHS can apply for the scholarships during senior year.  A committee of the DEF judges applicants on academic performance, community involvement, and an essay the students have to submit.  In a few cases, the person or people endowing the scholarship select the recipient.   More than 160 students submitted applications this year.  "It is a hard job," said Frische of the committee that has to narrow the candidates down to the winners.

The annual reception was cancelled last year due to COVID, though scholarships were given out, and the winners were recognized during graduation ceremonies in May 2020.

Receiving scholarships Tuesday were Lauren Holt, $1000, DEF Frances Wardlaw; Doe Na, $1000, DEF Lucille Hughes; Carlos Sanchez, $1000, Kenneth Tubbs Vocational; Alexa Chacon, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Broc Kinikin, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Daniela Betance, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Grace Jester, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Valeria Loya, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Eh Paw, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Dennia Molina, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Paola Valle, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Brooklyn Berryman, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Daniela Rubio, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Lizette Hernandez, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Karisma Martinez, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Erin Davis, $1000, Bill Lackey Memorial; Ricardo Dominguez, $1000, James and Roxann Allen; Gillian Darcy, $600, Leroy Bannister; Haydn Davis, $600, Leroy Bannister; Bryan Cabeen, $500, Bob Carder Memorial; Robert Coey, Carolyn Stallwitz Memorial; Jenny Danh, $500, Mark Stroebel Memorial; Jennifer Lozoya, Mark Stroebel Memorial; Joceline Hernandez, $500, Ryan Erickson Memorial; Bryan Mendoza, $500, Bob and Reta Callahan; Alexis Delarosa, $500, Judith and Larry Appel; Aliza Salas, $500, Isabel Saenz Memorial; Cade Cox, $500, DEF Alice Crabb; Frida Reyes,  $500, DEF Alice Ochs; Landri Garcia, $500, DEF Beth Salim; Edgar Salcido, $500, DB and Vina Haupe; Brailey Green, $500, Hillcrest PTO; Jesus Narveaz, $500, Amarillo College; Cullen Thornburg, $500, Amarillo College; Sayre Widener, $500, Amarillo College; Mariaesleisy Borunda, $500, Amarillo College; Caralina Medrano, $500, Amarillo College; Meritxell Munoz, $500, Dr. Paul Matney AC; Titus Thompson, $500 Dumas Noon Lions; David Franco, $500, Moore County Art Association; Emily Schwertner, $500, Jeff Schuman Memorial; Galylea Davila, $500, Dumas Noon Lions; Spencer Williams, $500, Brandy McCafferty Memorial; Isai Velasquez, $500, Adam Kulik Memorial; "Hopey" Cortes, $500, Mattie Lee and Walter Powell; Aaron Sierra, $500, The Class of 51 Scholarship; Joshua Pedraza, $500, Wade Raney Bit and Spur; Ah Lee Yart, $500, Garrett Eslick Memorial; Ruth Solomon, $500, Zubia Family Memorial; Candelaria Contreras, $500, Zubia Family Memorial; Juneiry Marquez, $500, First United Methodist Church Jeff Richardson Memorial; Diego Gallegos, $500, First United Methodist Church Herman and Alice Ochs Memorial; Dallan Dill, $500, Robert and LaVern Wiseman Memorial; Paloma Zamarripa, $500, Morris and Billie Hunt; Sebastian Miramontes, $500, First United Methodist Church; Gael Davila, $500, Captain P. Christopher Alaniz Memorial.

Broc Kinikin, Valeria Loya, Erin Davis, Haydn Davis, Cade Cox, David Franco, Spencer Williams, Paloma Zamarripa, and Sebastian Miramontes also received PEGS scholarships on Tuesday.

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