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After decades of service to the citizens of Moore County and 94 years of life on this earth, The Honorable Billie Faye Schumacher has passed away.

The former Moore County judge and Sunray Justice of the Peace passed away Thursday, Oct. 8.

Schumacher’s life was one of service. She was dedicated to making sure the needs of Moore County’s citizens were being met.  In addition to her service in the courts, she was a key player in helping to bring AC Moore County Campus to Dumas.

Her political career began in Sunray in the mid-1960s. She was working at the Sunray Tax Office selling car tags. She said in a past interview that the Justice of the Peace was never around, and people were asking her for assistance. That’s when she decided Sunray needed a full-time Justice of the Peace. She ran for the office and won, beginning her service in 1966.

That decision set her off on a career that would span over 40 years and impacted many lives. Her journey was also one of many firsts.

In addition to being the first full-time JP in Sunray, she was the first woman to join the Sunray Lions Club (when women were finally allowed to join) in 1988. She went on to be the club’s president. She later moved to Dumas (1995) and joined the Dumas Noon Lions Club. She was also the first female judge for Moore County, earning that position in the mid-1990s, serving from 1996-1999. She says her greatest accomplishment as county judge was working to help bring the AC Moore County branch campus to Dumas.

Along the way she received several special appointments. Two of which included Gov. Brisco’s (1975) State Task Force to help write the rules for speedy trial laws and Gov. Bush’s State Community Development Review Committee in 1997.

After serving as county judge, Schumacher worked as fill-in for Judge Rhoades if he had to be gone, as well as helping the local JP. In fact, served as temp JP for Troy Green when he was in the service for a year.

The City of Dumas  asked her to be municipal judge after retirement, which she did. However, she never took pay. She gave half of the money to a DEF scholarship fund and half the money to the Amarillo College Moore County Campus fund.


“The county’s done plenty for me,” she said in a past interview. “Many of the students could not go to school without a scholarship. I’m dedicated to helping people attend college. Some are not young. They have kids and some are single parents, and they need help.”  

Her work didn’t end there. She was also instrumental in helping the Moore County Health Foundation and was recognized with its Legacy Award in 2019. Earlier that year, she was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Dumas/Moore County Chamber of Commerce. She was also the 2015-2016 Dogie Days Old Timer of the Year.

Schumacher summed it all up when she said, “Moore County is my home. I’m just real partial to it. It’s been good to me. I feel I cannot give back enough to this county.”

Here are three examples of what is being said about Schumacher:

“Thank you for your service to  the citizens of Moore County. R.I.P.” — Dumas/Moore County Chamber of Commerce

“We are thankful for the life of service that Billie Faye Schumacher gave to our community, and we will miss her greatly. She served in so many ways, and was instrumental in the founding of both the Moore County Health Foundation and the Moore County Hospital District Auxiliary. She cared about our community, and worked hard to make it a better place to live, learn and work.” — Moore County Health Foundation

“Billie Faye is an example of a woman who helped build Moore County through the years...” — Dumas Noon Lions Club

Judging by the outpouring of comments following her passing, it is quite apparent that Schumacher did more than her fair share for Moore County, and Moore County is grateful for her life and her service.

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