Former Sunray High School Principal Sid Whiteley is shown in the file photo above.

Former Sunray High School Principal Sid Whiteley has been “suspended completely from employment, and he has been warned that he may not enter onto any District property,” according to a statement released by Sunray Independent School District Superintendent Marshall Harrison.

The complete suspension and removal from his duties is linked to an arrest alleging possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 1, 1 gram or more, less than 4 grams. The arrest was made in Amarillo by the Amarillo Police Department. Sunray ISD received word of Whiteley’s arrest at approximately 8 a.m. Monday morning.

Whiteley had previously tendered his resignation on Dec. 6, 2017, to be effective June 30, 2018. But on March 27, 2018, he was removed from his position as high school principal and his duties since then were divided among various other school employees.

The superintendent says, “Mr. Whiteley was in Amarillo and the arrest was made by the Amarillo Police Department. Therefore, at no time was the safety of Sunray ISD students at risk during the incident.” Harrison went on to say Whiteley “will not participate or attend any remaining school activities at Sunray ISD, including high school graduation.”

Harrison went on to say, “The district appreciates the assistance it has received from the Amarillo Police Department and it will cooperate with the appropriate law enforcement agency(ies) investigating the incident for which he was arrested and any related matters. Furthermore, the State Board of Educator Certification will also be notified of Mr. Whiteley’s arrest.

The superintendent added, “Due to state and federal privacy laws, the district will not disclose any further information about this matter or make any additional comment concerning it. We appreciate your cooperation.”

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