Representatives of Dumas Fire Department attended the Retired Educators Association of Dumas meeting on Jan. 15. Chief Ron Pray gave the program, and several other DFD members attended the meeting. Pictured, from left to right, are DFD’s Jarrod Doan, Capt. Galen Davis, Kelly Davis, Chief Ron Pray, Lt. Anthony Anderson and Billy Touchstone.

Retired Educators Association of Dumas (R.E.A.D.) met Jan. 15 at Pecos Diamond Steak House.

Our program was given by Chief Ron Pray with the Dumas Fire Department. Other firefighters including Jarrod Doan, Capt. Galen Davis, Kelly Davis, Lt. Anthony Anderson and Billy Touchstone were also in attendance but had to go out on a call just as the meeting started.

They brought the fitness machine that was developed by an Amarillo fireman and was donated by an individual to the Dumas Fire Department. It is a machine that goes through all the fitness training a fireman must do while wearing a 75-pound weight. Firemen are natural competitors so they want to complete the exercise in good time. They also bring the machines to events for adults and children to try. One of the machines is designed for children.

Chief Pray also informed us about the Explorer Program for students ages 14-21 years of age. This will help them decide if they want to become a volunteer or go into this profession after graduation.

The firemen also go to all the schools in Dumas, Cactus and Sunray teaching students fire safety by dressing up in costumes and presenting a play. The newest program being provided is the Academy Program which is a 70-hour training for volunteers and 35 people have enrolled in this program.

We were also informed about smoke alarms for homes. It is not a law to have one in your home but if you own rental property they must be installed. If you need help with your alarm just call the fire department. If you have any gas appliances in your home you need a carbon monoxide detector. Chief Pray said that it is his goal every day to make sure all firemen go home safely after every shift. He is so proud of our Dumas Fire Department and how dedicated they all are in their work.

The business meeting was conducted by President Jo Stroebel. She welcomed the 27 guests. Nancy Grundy gave the treasurer’s report and the legislative report regarding issues of the Pension Fund and TRS Care. Healthy Living Chairman Dianne Bussard told the group the importance of having plants in our homes because they add beauty and tranquility to our lives and they provide oxygen and also take in carbon dioxide from the house. Nursing home and hospital patients with plants and flowers in their rooms reported less anxiety, fatigue and pain.

Volunteer hours were collected from retired teachers for the year and Cheryl Coyle reported that we had placed 1,006 books in the hands of students to take home this year.

The next meeting will be March 19.

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