Moore County Senior Center.  Beginning Monday, seniors will have to pick up their lunch and take it home to eat.

"We will still be operating, but we will be doing a curbside delivery," said Terrie Hill of the Moore County Senior Center.  The Senior Center has been a lifeline to many of Moore County's elderly residents for years, offering lunch five days a week and a chance to socialize, play games, and engage in a variety of activities.  But thanks to the coronaviris,  beginning Monday, only the lunch will remain, at least until the danger of the virus has passed, and those who would like to eat lunch will have to pick their food up under the awning at the front door of the center and take it home to eat.  (Hill asks that those wishing to eat call the center at 934-2788 everyday before 10:00 am to let staff know how much food to prepare.)  "We had our last dining room meal today.   No more games, no more quilting, nothing," she said.  "No one will be allowed in the building, except the workers."

With those over 60 years old and those with underlying health conditions being among the most likely to suffer the severest cases of the coronaviris (COVID-19) illness, the leadership of the center decided that the normal social life that many people have come to rely on at the center would have to be suspended at least temporarily, despite the real hardship such a move will inevitably inflict.  "We do have the most vulnerable crowd," said Hill.  "I am glad we were able to at least do the meal for them, because there are a lot of them where this is the only meal they have."

Hill says they are still asking for a $4.00 donation, and they will have a bucket available to put it in.  She adds that she understands how difficult this will be, but "we want to keep our seniors healthy and safe." 

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