The Window on the Plains Museum/The Art Center parking lot was filled to overflowing Saturday as the museum and art center celebrated Museum Day 2019.  Over 500 Moore County residents and visitors from as far away as Germany, New Jersey, Georgia, Colorado, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and elsewhere in Texas came out on a warm September day to, among other things, look at quilts, antique tractors, and classic cars, bid on items in auctions, and try their luck in raffles.  They ate pulled-pork sandwiches, cake, and ice cream.  Many people took the opportunity to look again or look, for the first time, at the many permanent exhibits in the museum -- the most recent of which features artifacts from youth wrestling.  

While adults socialized and reminisced, children played games and went for rides on miniature trains.  Students created chalk paintings on the sidewalk in front of the art center.  Children of all ages watched intently as marbles traveled around Mac McDougal's hand crafted Marvelous Mesmerizing Marble Machine.  "I have a black belt in puttering," said McDougal, who comes every year from Amarillo for the event.  Over the years, he has contributed other wooden models of vehicles and ships to the museum, including a replica of the ship his father served on in World War II.  

In addition to being a community good time, Museum Day is a fundraiser.  Every year the event raises money to support the activities and work of the museum and art center.  Though Art Center Director Marti Christman and Window on the Plains Museum's Glynda Pflug say they do not know yet how much Museum Day 2019 raised, they both say they were pleased with the turnout of people.

The museum/art center complex has grown considerably over the years.  Last year, an additional building was added to house some of the museum's large collection of  vehicles.  Permanent exhibits cover all aspects of life in Moore County.  The Art Center  offers a regular rotation of exhibits by artists from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and beyond.

There were many competitions and winners on Saturday.  

Brenda Newton won the Viewer's Choice Award for her quilt, "Fractured Diamonds."

Winners of the Sidewalk Chalk Painting Contest were:  Cesario Martinez, first place, high school; Mia Bustamente and Trinity Casados, second place, high school; Damian Mendoza, third place, high school; Trace McDonald, jr. high winner; Emmalee McDonald and Cooper Sykes, intermediate winners; and Elizabeth Peacock, elementary winner.

The Pie Contest winners were: Jennifer Walker, Cobbler Division with Skillet Apple Cobbler; Lititia Rollo, Single Division with French Apple Custard; Mack McDougal, Double Crust Division with Two Crust Cherry Pie; Julie Reznick, Creme Pie with Heavenly Coconut; Sherry Harper, Professional Division with Pecan Pie; Justin Hill, Youth Division with Key Lime Pie; and Charlie Mader, Pee Wee Division with Grasshopper.

Barb Willems won the Candy Guess.

The winners of the Car Show were: Harold Dean Morton, 1929 Ford Model A; Rusty Miller, 1941 Studebaker; Ed Carlson, 1964 Corvette; Quintin and Krista Floyd, 1976 Volkswagen Bus; Chris and Risa Lusk, 1933 Dodge Pickup;  and Jerry Robertson, 1931 Ford Hot Rod.

Mack and Debbie McDougal won the Best History Award with a 1959 Studebaker.

Finally,  the winners of the Tractor Show were: Roger Jacobs, People's Choice for Best Tractor; Ted Ray Coleman, Trailer Backing; Ted Ray Coleman, Fast Race; Janet Coleman, Slow Race; Don Dowdy, Egg Balance; Ted Ray Coleman, Chain Drag; Ted Ray Coleman, Barrel Race; and Don Dowdy, Candy Drop.

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