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HOUSTON, Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --

PURPOSE: To announce the debut of the KUDUwave Pro TMP Audiometer at Allergy & ENT Associates network of clinics. The KUDUwave, a medically-certified portable and boothless audiometer, is utilized in the testing and diagnosis of auditory-related deficiencies.

ABOUT ALLERGY & ENT ASSOCIATES: Established in 1957, Allergy & ENT Associates is the largest multi-specialty Allergy, Asthma, ENT, and Audiology group practice in the Houston area. Now with 16 locations, Allergy & ENT Associates provides trusted, attentive, and individualized care for allergy, asthma, audiology, and ENT services.

SPECIFICS:  Allergy & ENT Associates becomes the first face-paced, diagnostic ENT/Audiology setting in Texas to use the KUDUwave Pro TMP, diagnostic immittance audiometer. KUDUwave Pro TMP is a Type 1 Clinical Immittance Instrument. The KUDUwave device technology integrates tympanometry and acoustic stapedius reflex measurement functionality into the KUDUwave headset.

In a standard audiology exam, the patient can expect to be within the confines of the audiology booth for up to an hour or more. Allergy & ENT Associates is proud to bring this new technology to more locations to increase the comfort and convenience levels of patients.

On February 20, 2021, NASA contracted the launch of the CRS-15 Cygnus spacecraft, with the KUDUwave onboard the resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Being a portable unit, the fully-certified KUDUwave Pro TMP was able to be utilized as the inaugural On-Orbit Hearing Assessment.

SERVICES: Audiology services of Allergy & ENT Associates include comprehensive audiologic assessments from children to geriatric populations, hearing aids, Dix-Hallpike testing with Epley Maneuver treatment, specialty ear molds, tinnitus evaluation and treatment, Cochlear implant mapping, and more.

Allergy services include skin and blood (in vitro) testing for environmental, food, penicillin, and venom, rapid desensitization (one day), cluster, or standard allergen immunotherapy, home (oral) sublingual drops, patch testing for contact dermatitis, oral food challenges and desensitization, peanut allergy evaluation, oral immunotherapy, and more.

Asthma services include pulmonary function testing, in-office biologic immunotherapy with Xolair, Fasenra, and others.

ENT services include minimally-invasive in-office Balloon Sinuplasty, in-office sinus surgery and septoplasty under general anesthesia, complex revision sinus surgery, severe chronic sinus disease management, in-office sinus CT imaging, conjoint management allergist and otolaryngologist of difficult to treat sinusitis and recurrent nasal/sinus polyposis, vocal cord evaluation for chronic voice changes/hoarseness, tinnitus, dizziness, cerumen impaction evaluation and treatment, and more.

To request one of our American Board of Audiology Certified Audiologists, Board-certified Allergist/Immunologist, or ENT surgeon from Allergy & ENT Associates for appearances, interviews, or quotes:


Carrie Knight, Marketing Rep,

(281) 453-4206

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