Moore County Hospital District (MCHD) Chief Executive Officer Jeff Turner on Tuesday clarified a post, since taken down, that appeared on the hospital district's Facebook page stating that the Texas Department of State Health Services was "assuming management of COVID cases in Moore County."  The post went on to state that the hospital district's popular scorecard was being stopped and that hospital officials were "evaluating what we can continue to report." 

"That was some misinformation.  That was not properly stated," said Turner.  He explained that with the increasing numbers of cases, the DSHS, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and others were taking a larger role in contract tracing, testing, and aggregating data.  "You could say there has been a transition of sorts," he said.  "It is their job to take care of those types of issues, while we take care of providing the patient care. …We work as a team." 

At first, the hospital district performed all those functions as the state and federal governments directed resources elsewhere.  But, as the number of cases has steadily grown in Moore County, the state and federal governments have directed more resources here to meet the need.   DSHS is now playing a primary role in contact tracing.  "In the State of Texas, when it comes to communicable diseases, it has always been the state's responsibility for contract tracing."

As for the scorecard, Turner said the increasing number of agencies testing and collecting data made it very complicated to continue the scorecard in its previous form.  In addition, the CDC had changed the definition of recovered several times, making it difficult to come up  with a figure that everyone agreed with.  Turner said that he hoped to be able to find a way to continue providing as much information as possible to the public.  

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