The Dumas Demons football team has been terrorizing opponents on the field this football season, but it is something they recently did off the field that should make their coaches, parents and the community extra proud of them.

Bryson James Thibodeaux recently turned 12 and had one of the best days of his life! You see, Bryson has autism and, like so many who find themselves on the autism spectrum, he is often misunderstood. His mother, Lindsay, was so excited about what happened on her son’s 12th birthday that she had to share the story, and I’m glad she did.

She wrote in an email to the NewsHPress, “To say that my son, Bryson’s, birthday was great is not even the word. It was remarkable!”

She is referring to the fact that the Dumas Demons football team showed up and made his day extra special.

“The football boys went above and beyond. They gave Bry a homeball (which they signed), played football with him, played a game with him,  and he even got to ride in a Corvette,” she wrote. “They gave him handshakes and put him on their shoulders carrying him like a champ after he made a touchdown.”

Parents of special needs children often wish for nothing more than their kids to be accepted for who they are and  for them to be better understood and included. The Demons went above and beyond in making that happen for Lindsay’s boy.

“(This was) the first birthday I didn’t have to watch my son cry because nobody showed up... I’m overwhelmed. I’m shocked, and my Mommy heart is overfilled with gladness. Today was a day of utter joy.”

The Demons made Bryson’s day special, and they could’ve stopped there... but they didn’t. According to Lindsay, the team has invited him to go out with them at the next home game, and he will get a jersey. Bryson wants to be a football player, and is a fast runner. These boys made him feel like he can do anything.”

That, Dumas Demons, is something to be extremely proud of. You young men did a great thing here, and I hope you continue to let your character shine in the future.

As far as Bryson’s birthday goes, his mom says, “Bryson James Thibodeaux and I will never forget this day, and they will forever have a special place in our hearts... To watch Bryson get to play football with those boys... I’m speechless! I’m still in awe of how they made Bry the center of attention and loved on him the way they did!”

The Dumas Demons are winners on and off the field. The saying goes, “Demon Pride Never Dies”. Reading Bryson’s story just makes that Demon Pride shine a little brighter today.

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