A new year is upon us, and I pray it is a much better year than the one we just left behind.

The year 2020 just flat stunk. The coronavirus took far too great a toll on the world, our nation, our state and our Moore County citizens.

Far too many lives were lost to this deadly disease. Some good people had their lives cut short because of this pandemic.

However, even in the darkest of times, there was still a lot of good happening locally and across the globe. The pandemic paved the way for caring, compassionate people to rise up and do good for others in need.

Companies skipped out on Christmas parties to donate money to food pantries or to provide toys to children in need at Christmas. Citizens gave generously to make sure those who were less fortunate had what they needed as Thanksgiving and Christmas took place.

Even those who suffered great loss during 2020 found it in their hearts to give to others.

The News-Press conducted a Thanksgiving food drive and a Christmas toy drive this year to help make the holidays brighter, and our readers stepped up and gave generously to the cause!

We offered a $15 discount off our subscription rate in November for those who brought in three cans of food. Several people brought in more than the three required cans, and News-Press staff members contributed food, as well. Thank you to everyone who participated.

The following month we offered a $20 discount for anyone who brought in a new, unwrapped toy. Several individuals took advantage of this offer. One out-of-town reader made a 40-mile drive to Dumas to bring toys. It wasn’t even time for him to renew his subscription!

Another reader, Betty Spencer, who lost her husband, Bobbie, in 2020, did the same. She’d already renewed her subscription, but still found it in her heart to bring in a toy. A huge thanks to Betty and everyone else who gave so generously. The toys were given to the Moore County Angel Tree for distribution.

I’m filled with hope that the good in people will shine brightly in 2021. and I’m hopeful that the world is finally able to get a grip on COVID-19.

Welcome to 2021!

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