So as the heat of summer arrives and the need for water conservation increases, I return to the dilemma at hand — we can either have green space as required for building or we can have concrete.

However, it is the in between that is bothersome. Parking on grass, parking in the yard, 5 or 6 vehicles at one single family residence leads to blight and ugliness.

City code prevents such just as it prevents watering the lawn during drought. So what is the answer? What does a city do with the junk cars, illegal parking and a variety of other green space violations?

First, I sincerely believe we need standardized code for the entire city. If you require parking and drive ways (and you do) for new construction then it is time to bring rental property into code. If you require businesses to have enough parking for all customers, then it's time to require everyone to have enough concrete/asphalt parking for the family. This would include houses with multi-family, multi-vehicle parking.

I think it's only fair. It would increase property values and possibly require people to change their habits.

Now, as a business owners and a homeowner who values my property, I think it is great when people take ownership in their residence with green grass and flower beds. When people mow on time, trim on time and otherwise pick up around their alley, everyone's life is better for it. I know this gets everyone up at arms when it is suggested, but simply drive around our town. View the clutter, the garbage and think, how did this happen? Whose to blame?

A formal unified city code of green space and parking would solve so much especially since the Texas Panhandle is so dry. At least we protect the grass and trees we do have.  

Charles Paul Stephens

Dumas TX

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