I am not going to stop being a Christian just because I can't do it perfectly, although it would seem some believe differently. Christian are not perfect. We will never be perfect. And the so-called perfect people are not perfect either and they, too, will never be perfect.

We are all flawed creations. Creatures of habit and habits are hard to break. Everyone knows that. That is why we need Jesus.

All that being said, Americans need to change our attitude about each other quickly. America needs to realize we are being "intentionally divided" so a few can usher in a new America. All of us need to grasp the notion that the media, along with much of education, is focused on a ultra liberal socialistic agenda to usher in government ran everything.

Business ownership, property rights and freedom of speech are all being tested in various manners right now! Look around. Compare notes. See the writing on the wall. We are being herded.

Oh, I know this all sounds awful. I know it's hard to actually believe but I assure you it is happening today. Opinions on Climate Change. Opinions on Debt. Opinions on Covid. Everyone has an opinion and most of them are basically wrong. Even the experts are wrong much of the time.  

Few people are actual victims. Most are volunteers for their situation. Most people have choices; they just choose poorly. Or they refuse to be accountable for their own actions. Most people are in their situation due to Life Style Choices. They play the victim role to get free stuff. They are not oppressed or discriminated against; they just can't get their way.

There are 1000s of voices, 100s of ideas and of course opinions, everyone has an opinion. Sometimes, we take on those opinions as our own. Each of us must decide just how to approach the battle of the opinions.

Here, maybe this will help - Rules, policy, mandates, all are used to control people. Some people need to be controlled while others prefer Personal Accountability instead! Today, make a choice, choose Personal Accountability instead of rules and mandates !

Charles Paul Stephens

Executive/Program Director

The Refuge @ Dumas, TX

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