Some of the so-called news today mind-blowing. In fact, I cannot believe that 1,000s of so-called journalist attempt to cover up and dispose of the ideas being offered at a professional level.   

As society becomes more and more confused, I am certain it also affects Christians. Things become acceptable that simply should not be acceptable.

No educated professional should be able to avoid the question,  "Can you define what a woman is?"

Years of equal right fights, decades of debate and argument and today, we have gender neutrality? The utter insanity of what higher educated has birthed and nurtured is breath taking. As Christian become more and more engulfed in this insanity it reminds me of "Know the truth and the truth shall set you free" and then we will be free indeed!

America is gradually losing our basic freedoms including free speech and freedom of religion. We are being told what we can and cannot say in a free country. We are labeled hateful names if we do not give in to the cancel crowd. All because of Think Tank Ideas that prove to be destructive and increase mental illness and drug addiction. Most everyone in Moore County is affected by drug addiction or mental illness in some form. Many have lost their lives. And yet we do not make the connection between godlessness and these social problems. There are social norms written on the hearts of every human. Just because someone claims they are not there or they are fair does not means those moral norms are not written in our mind.

Charles Stephens

Dumas, TX

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