Last evening I woke up with various thoughts for the new year. I thought, what about the alcoholic? What about the drug addict? What about the ex-felon? What about the professional hobo who sincerely believes government or church is the problem? How many of them are there?

Approximately 41 million Americas fit this category in 2019. That's an entire voting block. More than most ethnic groups, yet that's the point? Do our lives matter? Does our vote count?

I mean certain parties rush to give felons the right to vote but do they? NO! WHY? Because we are disenfranchised from society. We are outcast. Derelicts. No one really cares or wants to know what this large voting block has to share. No one asks. Not Tucker. Not Hannity. No one asks!

Why? The Think Tanks, the Over-educated Liberal elites, the cone-headed educated professionals who seldom, if ever get challenged on their opinion of society get to make all the rules? Why? Who decided this was wise or proper? You? Me? Our fore-fathers? NO!

In the beginning the everyday common sense man sat down with those educated and they thought up new things. They created America. Not politicians. Not professors of philosophy; they both destroy things.   

I think we should all form a Grass Roots Movement to effect the 2022 and 2024 elections. Maybe someone will listen then? Or maybe we could attract a Kardashian or Oprah? Na. No way. We need to decide what's next? We have watched 3, 4 even 5 years of lies and dishonesty. You and I need to decide the America in which we are going to live. We need God's Will, Common Sense and the Wisdom of those who came before us for 2021 !

Charles Paul Stephens

Executive/Program Director

The Refuge @ Dumas

Dumas, TX

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