Can we just have a little perspective these days?  The universities in California have been warning of a massive earthquake for 100 years. They all say a massive earthquake is way overdue. Do California’s politicians listen? 10.5 million people in Los Angeles County alone.

These same scientist have been predicting that the Super Volcano under Yellowstone is well past due for an eruption. Yet the great politicians of Wyoming and Montana do nothing.

Well, of course, there are less than 2 million people in those two states.

Back to California with their million illegal aliens and their million of homeless... who do you think is going to suffer most in the case of a massive earthquake? Silicon Valley? Hollywood? Oh no, the poor and middle class will suffer greatest.

Now, (sorry) lets move a little closer to home. Who among you goes to live in their basement for a week during a tornado outbreak? Who on the coast sells their summer home during hurricane season? No one I know. See the "cure can never outweigh the event".

This is the ugliness of the psychological equation known as Dread/Risk Index. 90 people a day die in car accidents in America. Approximately 40, 000 per year, and yet no one stops driving. 88,000 die from alcohol-related deaths each year and that's not stopping drinking. Hopefully you see my point and contact your representative or congressman today!

Charles Paul Stephens

Dumas TX

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