For several years, the staff of the Moore County News-Press has opened its doors on Halloween and welcomed in family after family for pictures in their costumes and to hand out goodie bags. That annual tradition continued this past Thursday as trick-or-treaters began arriving between 3:45 and 4:00 in the afternoon to join in the fun.

Over a two-hour span there were a total of 168 people’s names recorded and their pictures taken. There were an equal amount of Halloween goodie bags handed out... okay, we actually gave the last few kids an extra bag or two because we didn’t want too many leftovers!

Many of the faces were familiar. We’ve seen them for several years now and watched their kids grow each year, and we’ve seen how their taste in costumes has evolved.

There were also some new faces, which is great! The more people who show up, the more fun we all have.

Regardless of whether you’re an old friend or a new guest, thank you to everyone who took time out of their Halloween festivities to stop by and visit with us.

We’ve got a sampling of the Halloween costume photos on the back page of today’s edition of the News-Press, and there’s even more photos available in our free-to-view photo gallery online at moorenews.com. When choosing which pictures would make it into print it was really simple... start at the beginning and put in as many people as possible in the order in which they were photographed. That’s what we did.

While we strive to make sure all the kids’ names are spelled correctly, it was a hectic two hours so please forgive us if we got something wrong... but let us know and we’ll fix it.

Many thanks go out to our friends at Pak-A-Sak for providing over 100 free fountain drink coupons for us to hand out at the event, and thanks to United Supermarket for helping to sponsor our Halloween candy. We also had a couple of individuals donate bags of candy for the event. A special thanks to Robin Patterson for the jumbo bag of goodies.

Before we know it, Halloween will be here again. We’ll be ready to welcome you and your little ghouls and gobblins back for another round of Halloween pictures and goodies. Until then, be safe and have a happy holiday season.

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