It was a contested battle between the Gruver Greyhounds and the Sunray Bobcats Friday, Feb. 8. The Bobcats started off strong, but the scoring fell short in the second half and the Greyhounds took the game 62-43.

The ball was tipped into Gruver’s favor at the start of the game. They were unable to score and the Bobcats had their first possession. Trae Underwood got things going for the Bobcats, scoring the first two points of the game.

Gruver answered right back and was able to score two.

It was back and forth until each team had six points. Sunray then pulled away and added two more, taking the lead back at 8-6.

That lead was short-lived as Gruver scored a three. On the Bobcats next possession, Underwood sank a three to lead 11-9.

It was a high scoring first quarter as the Bobcats kept it close and trailed by two, 19-21, to the Greyhounds after one quarter of play.

Through the second quarter, the Bobcats took the lead with Wyatt Henry adding a 3-pointer 22-21.

The Greyhounds finally found an opportunity with two points and got the lead back 23-22.

It was another back and forth battle on the court as the Bobcats kept it tight scoring eight points to Gruver’s 11. Sunray now trailed 27-32 going into the half.

Gruver extended their lead early in the third quarter going up 36-27 before Sunray got on the board with a free throw by Michael Peeples.

The Greyhounds added four more points, widening the gap 40-28 over the Bobcats.

However, the Bobcats were not giving up. They had possession and Reid Rousser made a 3-pointer, cutting the lead to nine.

The Bobcats were only able to put up another two free throws to close out the third quarter scoring. The Greyhounds took advantages of opportunities and Sunray could not slow them down as Gruver added 15 total points in the third, taking a 14-point lead going in the fourth, 47-33.

The Bobcats were unable to take away the scoring opportunities from Gruver as they added 15 more points. The Bobcats only scored 10, with scoring from Underwood, who made the last goal for Sunray. Peeples added a couple of free throws and Tate DeBord scored two.

Underwood was the leading scorer with 18 points. He put up six field goals on the night and two three's. Wyatt Henry was behind him with eight points. Henry sank a three, had two field goals and a free throw. Jaden Zerby had seven points with three buckets and a free throw.

Also scoring was Rousser with a three for three points on the night. DeBord had four points with a goal and two free throws. Peeples checked in with three free throws for Sunray.

Sports Editor

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