On Friday night, Oct. 4, the Borger Bulldogs came for a showdown with the unbeaten Dumas Demons. But a storm system was imminent. However, the coin was flipped, Borger won and chose to defer. Dumas was set to receive the opening kickoff.

Dumas received and was moving the ball against the Borger defense, but was unable to score on the opening drive.

Borger received the punt and failed to score on their opening drive. Neither team could find a way to score through most of the first quarter, while the Dumas defense started off a bit slow, but slowly picked up the game.

Then the rain came.

A light rain fell, but that didn't stop the game from proceeding as the Dumas offense picked up their game. The rain stopped during the first half as the game continued. Both teams continued as usual. Dumas appeared to play with even more energy and excitement as they shut out the Borger offense and scored 21 points in the first half and shut out Borger.

The play resumed after halftime and the Demons scored again.

Then the rain came again.

It came hard. Lightning was also detected in the area and the game went into a weather delay.

After nearly an hour, the game was called. Borger decided to go home, with about five to six minutes of resuming play.

It was a peculiar thing with the game ending in a forfeit, but he Demons got another win and continue their winning streak. They are now 6-0 and will head to Big Spring next Friday, Oct. 11.

Dumas has a bye on Oct. 18. They resume play on Oct. 25 as they start district for two road games in Canyon and Pampa. They close out the regular season on Friday, Nov. 8, with Hereford at Demon Stadium.

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