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As a part of the coaching staff, Matt Davis came in from Wellington, Texas after Sunray Athletic Director Matt Strickland brought him in last year. So this is the start of Davis' second year at Sunray and is fitting in well with the other coaches. Davis is a support for the other coaches and assists where he can through all aspects of the athletic department.

His primary responsibilities include helping with middle school football and assisting for Friday varsity games. He also helps out with Powerlifting and track, with coach Olivia Garrard and new coach Ruben Guerrero. Currently, during the fall football takes up his time as he did a lot with football last and is continuing that work this year. The other coaches have been welcoming, even this year with the addition of coach Guerrero to the staff and coach Wes Boatmun stepping up to become the new head football coach.

"It's great," Davis said. "Coach Boatmun, I've asked him tons of questions. Coach Guerrero, he's helped me a lot. Coach (Seth) Slover, coach (Keith) Schulz, they've all helped me grow. They've helped me have a better understanding of what we're doing, what we're running."

He said he likes the school and the "kids are awesome." They warmed up to Davis quickly.

Davis said the athletes' attitudes have changed from last year to this year. They adapted after the initial lockdown and cancellation of spring sports. Now they are ready to go and compete.

He said he is excited to continue this year and be a contributing factor into the successes of the Sunray athletic teams this fall. He is anxious also to see the accomplishments of the Powerlifting teams and track teams as the sports season progresses.

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