The 2019-2020 Dumas varsity track teams.

The Dumas spring sports season has come to a halt. No activities until May 4. As in the other sports this season, Dumas High School track coaches were expecting a good, strong season. Head coaches Jackie Graves and David Waddell were already seeing improvement in the early part of this spring season.

Graves said the girls team is already better from a year ago after the first meet, and Waddell noted the same for the boys after comparing the first meet this year to the first meet last season.

It was a great year last season with boys being district champions and two girls qualifying for state. Courtnee Mild and Joanna Trevizo represented Dumas at the state track meet. Trevizo received ninth place, while Mild tied for second.

Graves has seen some solid running in the girls. There are three seniors on the girls team, which showed some good leadership. The boys were district champions last year, and were hoping for a repeat. However, it doesn't appear there will be an opportunity to accomplish that this year. The boys have a strong under classmen group, which will help next year, in addition to a good senior class for next season.

"We brought back the core of our team," Waddell said.

Bringing in good athletes starts when they are young. Much of the success the various sports programs see is because they begin at the junior high level. Waddell noted the staff at Dumas Junior High School does an excellent job of preparing the students in track so that they can transition into high school track and other sports more easily.

"We have a culture here, both girls and boys, that believe track does make them better for every other sport," Waddell said. "Our junior high staff does a fantastic job of preparing our athletes for track. And they try to get as many kids involved in track as they possibly can."

They keep instilling the mindset of competitiveness and working hard in order for kids to be involved and be able to participate in multiple sports. This seems to work well as there have been much success at the junior high level into high school.

Graves would like to see more girls come out for track.

"We have a lot of young girls returning so it will be a bright future for the girls track team," she said.

Waddell said there is a huge number of boys on the track team. He noted the speed difference from last season to this year.

"We are faster this year," he said. "We are faster than we were last year and last year we were faster than we were the previous year. I'd like to see us get some kids to state … I think that's an achievable goal."

With the uncertainty of this season, looking ahead to a bright horizon only seems fitting for the future of track at DHS.

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