Lynn Scott comes to the Dumas High School coaching staff with some coaching experience, as well as high school and college playing experience. He also did a five-year stint with the Dallas Cowboys as a safety.

Dumas High School has brought in a new coach and teacher. Lynn Scott has come to Dumas and has been added to an already outstanding coaching staff to the football program. Head Football Coach Aaron Dunnam believes Scott, and his family, will be a great asset to DHS and the community of Dumas, Texas.

Scott's role in the football program will be to help as an assistant, coaching defensive backs and safeties.

"I just hope to contribute to an already great staff," Scott said. "They already have a great program here, and they had a great team last year. I just hope to jump in and help wherever I can. I have a lot of playing experience. I don't have a whole lot of coaching experience, but I do have some."

The playing experience comes from five years with the Dallas Cowboys. Scott grew up in the small town of Turpin, Oklahoma. He played some small class A football in high school and won a state championship in 1995. He attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University and played college football with Chad Dunnam and also went to school with coach Antonio Murga. After college, he was picked up by the Cowboys in 2001 after going undrafted.

In an article he did with Ben Clubb in August 2019, Lynn said he attended some other colleges before he committed to Northwestern. He played football for four years and won the 1999 NAIA National Championship, and was runner-up the following year.

After his time in the NFL, Scott went to work in the oil field for 12 years, while continuing as a volunteer coach in Turpin. However, the past four years he has been full time volunteer coaching.

"The oil field's kind of taken a down turn, and I made the call to coach Dunnam," he said. "… I'm looking to coach somewhere and he said, 'Well, we think we can get you a spot here."

Scott was brought in and feels very blessed to come into the situation he has here in Dumas.

"I feel like I fit right in. I mean … I've known several of these guys for almost 25 years," he said. "I've known coach Murga for a long time. I've known coach Dunnam for a long time. Everybody's been real welcoming of me and I'm just enjoying my experience so far."

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