On Tuesday, Nov. 12, Dumas Junior High School opened their wrestling season. Coach David Wylie said there were 60 girls who signed up for the program, which kicked off this year.

Both teams won their tournaments. The Dumas White team defeated the Hereford A team 46-24, the Dumas Orange team 46-15 and Hereford's B team 68-0 to win the tournament.

The following wrestlers went undefeated in the tournament: Carlos Maggallanes, Ezven Venzor, Aaron Rodriguez, Luis Escarcega, Bronson Baxter, Nathan Gonzalez, Alberto Sanchez, Andres Ramirez, Ivan Maggallanes, Jovanni Soto, Joshua Lawrence, Eh Ler Htoo, Christian Bustamonte and Alexander Jelinek.

The boys will travel to Ulysses, Kansas on Saturday, Nov. 23, for their next tournament.

The girls had a great start for their first ever wrestling tournament in DJHS history. Dumas had a total of 46 girls wrestling in the tournament on Tuesday. The following girls went undefeated in the tournament: Lyza Hernandez, Ashlynn Solano, Mia Lujan, Sania Reyes, Serese Guillen, Illiana Ruiz, Dayana Franco, Yexelyn Salazar, Yubi, Jazlyn Arroyos and Vivian Morales.

The other girls who participated in the tournament are: Karla Marinelarena, Briseyda Barron, Sorya Morales, Paige Hass, Ebony Molina, Amara Willis, Tessa Cook, Samantha Robles, Keirie Contreras, Giselle Beltran, Jessica Murga, Berkley Funderburg, Eira Terrazas, Elaina Morgan, Jessica Marinelarena, Poppy Trujillo, Connie Medrano, Reyna Herrera, Yahaira Lujan, Ximena Chavez, Hayley Hernandez, Adrie Pena, Nayeli Mendoza, Miranda Fewell, Mariana Avalos, Aaliyah Garcia, Miranda Garbelena, Andrea Aguirre, Zinia Ortiz, Lesly Garcia, Kinzi Roberts, Ameris Villarreal, Jolee Jones, Jazlyn Dobbins, and Andrea Marquez.

The next tournament for the girls will be on the road in Vernon on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Information provided by coach David Wylie.

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